Futurist Ring

Ref. RG2461-PD

Futurist Series: 4 rings inspired by a movement. A precursor to Cubism and Art Deco, Futurism (Futurismo) captured the public’s imagination in Italy in the early part of the 20th century. Based on the obsession with speed and technology in a rapidly changing world at the dawn of the machine age, the movement influenced all aspects of life. These Morelli rings draw references from this influential era.


18k yellow gold with brilliant cut white diamonds (3.85 carats) and a grey South Sea Pearl.



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Sizing Guide


Using a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference of your wrist just above the wrist bone (toward the elbow). If you do not have a flexible tape use a strip of paper or piece of ribbon, then measure that piece with a ruler. Compare your measurement to the sizes listed, which correspond to the circumference of your wrist in inches, and choose the matching bracelet size. If your bracelet or cuff appears to be between two sizes, we suggest you choose the larger size.

Bracelet Size Wrist measurement (inches)
S 5 ⅝ – 6
M 6 ⅛ – 6 ½
L 6 ⅝ – 7
XL 7 ⅛ – 7 ½


Available in one standard size with a hinge, allowing the bracelet to open and close. If you have any questions please contact the concierge.


If you’re unsure of your ring measurement or if you have any questions please contact the concierge.



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