Paul Morelli Relocates Madison Avenue Boutique

Renowned Fine Jewelry Brand Expands its New York City Footprint with Larger Storefront

New York, NY (August 2023): The House of Paul Morelli, one of the country’s premier fine jewelry brands, is pleased to announce the relocation of its Madison Avenue boutique. The new, expanded store will be located at 725 Madison Avenue, between 63rd and 64th Streets, moving down nearly ten blocks from the store’s previous location on Madison and 72nd. The move marks a continued evolution for the luxury jewelry brand, one that will facilitate a larger footprint and increased capability to showcase new collections, interact and engage with clients, and generally grow the brand’s presence in a highly-trafficked block range of Madison Avenue. At 1,450 total square feet- nearly double the size of its current boutique- Paul Morelli is well-positioned to showcase a larger variety of its iconic collections, such as Unity, Confetti, and its signature
Meditation Bells.

The new store design takes its cues from the brand’s theatrical heritage. The main selling area is designed as a stage of sorts, hearkening Mr. Morelli’s familial ties to the Philadelphia Theatre District, where the brand was founded in the early 20th century before becoming the premier company for hand-made costume design.

The same attention to detail and craftsmanship found in the brand’s origins, which Mr. Morelli has brought to life through his fine jewelry, is found throughout the store; eight different bays (four on each side) are created by three tall, arched glass vertical partitions that decrease in height to emphasize the perspectival focal point, and create the illusion of a deeper space. This layout encourages the discovery of jewelry, not only in the cases, but also through the positioning of freestanding vitrines and recessed wall vitrines. The “stage’s backdrop” is created by two sets of perforated grid panels, slightly offset one from the other. Behind these elaborate walls lies a sitting area where clients can consult and view the brand’s high jewelry pieces in private.

The storefront is transparent and open, featuring four pillars constructed in concrete embedded fiberglass filaments that transmit light, evoking a feeling of translucence. These pillars mark the centered entry doors and the display areas at either side of the boutique. The intricate pattern created by the light-transmitting fibers of the concrete panels works as an anticipation of the precious handcrafted jewels on display inside the
store. The store features a mezzanine level designed for private sales and one-on-one client appointments. It is cozy and warm, and echoes the same materiality and color palette as found throughout the store.

The color palette was designed with an emphasis on detail, lightness and an overall delicate finish, with the goal of creating a neutral backdrop for the jewelry. Lacquered white wood, satin paint finished walls, light gray limestone floor tiles, and the glass partitions with translucent rice paper pattern allow the true stars of the Paul Morelli universe to take center stage.

With lighting being one of the most critical elements in a jewelry boutique, special attention was paid to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that would still showcase the brilliance and utmost quality of the precious stones used. The artificial light is more concentrated in the vitrines in order to provide a direct spotlight on the jewelry featured, whereas the lighting throughout the store has a more diluted essence, in
hopes of creating an intimate and exploratory environment. The ceiling’s recessed coves were created not only to offer the illusion of taller walls extending into the ceiling, but also to house LED light strips that diffuse light onto the glass panels below. It feels all at once inviting yet extremely personal; the same way fine jewelry makes one feel. “In expanding our Madison Avenue store into a space that not only highlights our
jewelry creatively, but also feels inviting and light, we are stepping into a new evolution and interpretation of our brand,” said Paul Morelli. “The homage to my theatrical roots intersects with my Italian heritage in some of the most natural yet unexpected waysthroughout the space, and I am so happy to call this our new home in New York City.”

“When I saw the space, and knowing Paul’s roots, I immediately felt we needed to create a sort of a theatrical stage design: I remembered the “Teatro Olimpico” in Vicenza by Palladio and its trompe-l’œil onstage scenery, designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi, to give the appearance of long streets receding to a distant horizon,” said Principal Architect and Founder of Labo Design Studio, Raffaella Bortoluzzi. “Here we have brought together the best of Italy and the best of New York to highlight what Paul and his team do best: create and sell beautifully handcrafted fine jewelry.”

Paul Morelli is a luxury fine jewelry brand steeped in history and craftsmanship. Pulling from a range of inspirations and experiences, and often connected to nature, each Paul Morelli piece is personally designed by Paul. Working with his in-house team and beginning with a sketch, each design is taken from concept to digital model to mold to final polished piece under Paul’s discerning eye and guidance. To this day, each piece
is designed and hand-crafted on Walnut Street, Philadelphia, maintaining unparalleled quality control and intricate craftsmanship.

Shauna Brook |

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